About Us

About Dancing Kids Fundraising 

Dancing Kids is the fundraising group of Miller’s Dance Force.  We are a non profit organization (pending IRS approval) and are allowed by state law to create and hold fundraisers that benefit our dancers.  We hold special events, work sports games, sell various items and more in an effort to add additional funds to the members’ accounts.

About Miller’s Dance Force

Miller’s Dance Force Dance Company is the competition group of Miller’s Dance Studio. MDF is made up of Miller’s Dance students between the ages of 5 and 18. The company has performed throughout Colorado, at both Disney Land and Disney World, in the Bahamas and on two cruise ships. Members attend several dance competitions each season where they consistently receive top awards. Members also attend dance conventions where they study with master teachers from around the world. These dancers have received numerous scholarships, merchandise, cash awards and performance opportunities.

Why Join Miller’s Dance Force?

MDF members have increased opportunities to improve their technique, gain valuable performing experience, increase confidence and self-esteem, study with master teachers, showcase their talent, earn awards, scholarships and cash, make new friends, and-most importantly-have A LOT OF FUN!


MDF members attend company class(es)/rehearsal(s) and one turns/leaps class each week. Members must take a minimum number of technique classes each week (ranging from one combo class for the younger students to five classes per week for older students). These technique classes may be taken at any of the Miller’s Dance Studio locations.