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Whether you’re a seasoned program coordinator or a brand new scrip shopper, we’re here to help you make the most of your organization’s scrip fundraising program. Scrip is the most effective fundraising tool available for schools, churches, bands/music programs, sports teams and other non-profits. We have put together a collection of guides, FAQs, videos, and other resources to help you and your program excel.

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What is Scrips Fundraising??  It’s fundraising while you shop!®
Stop selling and start earning with scrip fundraising! Your members can purchase gift cards for America’s most popular retailers through Great Lakes Scrip Center® (GLSC) and use them for their everyday purchases. Your organization earns money with each gift card purchase.

Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you can purchase from the retailer. With over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery and department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and home improvement, GLSC has something to appeal to every family in your organization.

The organization’s coordinator orders scrip from GLSC at a discount, and your families pay face value for their gift cards. That di erence is an instant rebate for your organization, and your families don’t have to purchase anything they don’t need.

Dancing Kids is excited to announce that we are a part of this exciting fundraising opportunity!

Visit:  and click on “Register”

Enter your personal info to set up an account.  You will need our enrollment code:  ALE3996F4L441

Once you do this, click on the left hand side under account settings.  Find “Family Functions” and the press on “Presto Pay.”

Sign up for Presto Pay.  You will get a verification email and it will work like PayPal where you get two small deposits in your bank account.  Once these deposits are made, you can verify the amounts through scrip and then your Presto Pay is ready to go!

Please sign up ASAP.  As soon as we have around 35-40 cards ready to purchase (from the entire DK group), we will make the order and cards will be available in a week.

Every card ordered has a rebate back to the buyer from 2.5% to 15%.  For example, Chipotle gift cards have a 10% return : )  Starbucks has a 7% return.  This program is great for gas, groceries, gifts, Christmas, holidays, everyday shopping, etc.

Attached is the PDF of all of the participating businesses.  We have also attaches a simple “getting started” document to explain how everything works.

Please contact Emma Blatherwick at 720-289-9988 or with questions.

Don’t forget!!

Join the Dancing Kids Fundraising Scrip Program

Enrollment Code: ALE3996F4L441

Sign up for Presto Pay to start the process.